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Garibaldi Provincial Park Heli Tour

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Private Group

Experience B.C.’s Glaciers from Above

Embark on this aerial journey to witness some of the most beautiful glacial landscapes BC has to offer. The classic West Coast scenery quickly transforms into an endless stretch of rugged mountains, lush alpine, and rising snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see. As we transition from Golden Ears Park into Garibaldi Park, the first of eight spectacular glaciers will appear, each unique in shape and size.

The ice fields are a photographer’s dream and the opportunities to capture BC’s immense beauty are endless. Mid-way through the trip, we will take a complimentary 30-minute break for more photos, hot chocolate and on the ground opportunities to admire the stunning setting.

*Departure location varies based on aircraft availability. (Abbotsford, Fort Langley, or Langley).