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Golden Ears Provincial Park Tour

You may have explored Golden Ears by foot, but have you ever witnessed its true beauty by air? Explore the best park in the Fraser Valley on this 30-minute sightseeing heli flight over the beautiful Golden Ears Provincial Park and soar around Mt Robie Reid (6873ft) and Mt Judge Howay (7421ft).

As we depart from our home base in rural Abbotsford, look out for Stave Falls Dam, a popular National Historic Site of Canada constructed in 1912. Learn about the renewable logging practices of BC before entering the iconic Golden Ears Provincial Park. The first sight you’ll see is Mt Crickmer, the southernmost mountain of the Garibaldi Range and the highest point in Mission. Take in the spectacular views of Stave Lake and Alouette Lake. Admire the infinite landscape of lush green temperate rain forests and mountain vistas as we loop around the inaccessible Mt Robie Reid and Mt Judge Howay before returning to base. The tours includes 30 minutes of flight time and unparalleled views of Golden Ears Provincial Park. See below for add-ons and upgrades.

30 minutes $1250.00+GST max 5 people in Astar Helicopter

*max group weight 1000lbs*

Add optional 30 minute mountain top (weather dependant) or river side photo stop for an additional $150.00 Add optional Lepp Farm Market Gourmet Lunch for $30.00 per person. View Menu


Mount Baker Sightseeing Tour

Depart from our home base in Abbotsford on a sightseeing flight to the beautiful Mount Baker, just across the U.S. border. For those in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, we are blessed to have such a clear view of this heavily glaciated volcano, and the helicopter sightseeing tour offers you the best up-close views you could ask for. Now is your chance to experience the ruggedness and raw beauty of this sleeping giant and panoramic views of Washington’s North Cascades. Embark on a 1-hour sightseeing flight over the international border into Snoqualmie National Forest and experience the ultimate helicopter tour. This 90 mile round trip takes you on a journey around this spectacular volcano and allows you to experience aerial views of the stunning Mount Baker. The landscapes are particularly magnificent at sunrise, sunset, or with winter lighting in the afternoon.

The tour includes a round-trip flight from Abbotsford, 60 minutes in the air and memories that will last a lifetime. Bring your camera to capture the unparalleled views of Mount Baker, and don’t forget to pack your passport!

$2500.00+GST max 5 people in Astar Helicopter


Ultimate Glacier Sightseeing Experience

Glacier sightseeing is the pinnacle of British Columbia’s backcountry visual experiences. Embark on a 90-minute journey from our home base in rural Abbotsford and witness some of the most beautiful glacial landscapes you’ll ever see. Within 10 minutes of the flight, the classic West Coast scenery will quickly transform into an endless stretch of rugged mountains, lush alpine, and rising snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see. As we transition from Golden Ears Park into Garibaldi Park, the first of eight spectacular glaciers will appear, each unique in shape and size. The ice fields are a photographer’s dream and the opportunities to capture BC’s immense beauty are endless, so don’t forget to bring extra batteries and memory cards! Mid-way through the trip, we will take a complimentary 30-minute break for more photos, hot chocolate and on the ground opportunities to admire the stunning setting.

The tour includes a 90-minute round-trip sightseeing flight from our base in Abbotsford, a 30 minute stopover, hot chocolate, trip photos, and of course, memories that will last a lifetime. This tour is the perfect gift for a loved one or simply a treat for yourself if you want to view and experience BC’s beautiful glaciers from an aerial point of view.

$3750.00+GST max 5 people in Astar Helicopter

Add Lepp Farm Market gourmet picnic lunch for $30.00/person

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Harrison Hot Spring Tour

Lift off from our home base and head east above the mighty Fraser River towards the largest and most beautiful water body in the Fraser Valley, Harrison Lake. As we soar over this spectacular area of British Columbia, take in the views of this magnificent glacier fed lake which is 60km long and over 900ft deep. It has been home to the resort community of Harrison Hot Springs since 1886 and is a popular destination for locals and travelers. Upgrade your Harrison Hot Spring tour with a 20-minute flight extension to the north end of the lake and Mt Breakenridge and/or a beach landing to admire the surroundings on a quick photo stop.

The tour includes a 40-minute round trip flight from our home base in Abbotsford and an optional 20-minute flight extension and optional 30-minute beach landing. This trip is perfect for those wanting to appreciate the Fraser Valley from the air and embark on a unique adventure.

40 minutes $2000.00+GST max 5 people in Astar Helicopter

60 minutes $2500.00+GST max 5 people in Astar Helicopter

Add optional 30 minute lake side photo stop for an additional $150.00 Add optional Lepp Farm Market Gourmet Lunch for $30.00 per person. View Menu


Abbotsford Sightseeing Tour

If you’re looking to get a taste of flying in a helicopter, or you want to see your home town from the air, this budget friendly 30 minute flight will be sure to grant you both experiences while you enjoy panoramic views in all directions. Hop on board for an Abbotsford sightseeing tour and take in the mountain vistas and rural landscape. Easily viewable to the north is the Matsqui Prairie, the mighty Fraser River, and in the distance, Golden Ears Park with Mt Robie Reid and Mt Judge Howay. To the east are Chilliwack and the Cheam Range while Mt Baker looms to the south, while the Greater Vancouver area dominates the skyline to the west.

The trip includes a 30 minute flight round-trip from our home base in rural Abbotsford and incomparable views of the Fraser Valley. Bring along your family and friends, grab your camera, and embark on an experience of a lifetime!

$1250.00+GST max 5 people in Astar Helicopter


We offer unrivaled outdoor experiences to create unforgettable back country adventures from Abbotsford to destinations around B.C. Browse our sightseeing adventures, or get in touch to discuss custom experiences. The possibilities are endless. Come fly with us today!