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Your Destination For Yoga And Adventure

Depart from our home base in Abbotsford on a private sightseeing flight past the iconic Mt Judge Howay, Mt Robie Reid, and the stunning Mystic Lakes for a Stand-Up Paddleboard Mountain Yoga experience in the coastal mountains of British Columbia. Appreciate the views as we fly deeper into the mountains over the lush alpine and emerald and blue lakes of Golden Ears Provincial Park, and look out for herds of Mountain Goats soaking up the sun on the sheer granite cliffs.

This surreal landing location has many small lakes to choose from with endless views. Enjoy the picturesque setting before commencing the most rewarding and invigorating yoga session ever. Strengthen your core and build stability all while taking in the wild landscapes of B.C.  Appreciate the untouched surroundings and fresh mountain air on this unique and adventurous experience. Finish the adventure with an optional trail walk around the lakes before returning to the helicopter for a gourmet picnic lunch.

The trip includes a round-trip flight from our base in Abbotsford, paddleboards, trip photos, food and drink from our locally sourced Lepp Farm Market menu, and memories that will last a lifetime. We offer unrivaled guided outdoor experiences to create unforgettable backcountry adventures around B.C. For custom adventures, don’t hesitate to send an enquiry. The possibilities are endless. Come fly with us today!

What is S.U.P?

S.U.P is an acronym for Stand Up Paddleboarding. Originating in Hawaii, it has quickly become one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. It can be thought of as a cross between surfing and canoeing. The rider stands on a long board and uses a paddle for propulsion. Adding the element of Yoga provides an excellent core workout and helps to alleviate stress. Combined with beautiful locations, the experience is both rewarding and relaxing.

$3000.00+GST for Stand Up Paddle-Board Yoga

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  • Maximum 4 guests
  • Astar B2 Helicopter
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At the time of booking on all trips, the waiver is to be reviewed by each member of your party. If you have questions, please contact us or seek legal counsel. The waiver is not to be signed until you and your party arrive on location. It will be reviewed in person with Compass Heli Staff prior to signing. The medical form must be completed by each member of your party and scanned/emailed to at least 48 hours prior to the trip.


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