Volcano Heli Tour in British Columbia

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Coming soon! We’re still waiting on our crown land use permit for hiking. However, if you already have a spot in mind for heli-hiking, let us a know and we can take you there; provided it’s not within Provincial Park boundaries or in sensitive wildlife habitat. Please be advised we have to ask you many questions regarding your wilderness hiking experience before allowing you to explore the wilderness on foot. We highly recommend you obtain an experienced wilderness guide.

In the meantime, learn more about this amazing upcoming experience below. Looking for a bucket list adventure? Consider one of our flightseeing or kayak fishing experiences.

Once-in-a-Lifetime B.C. Volcano Adventure

Take a walk over ancient lava flows and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure on this helicopter volcano tour. Marvel at the evidence of the reaction of molten rock against the underside of a glacier, and tick exploring a volcano off your bucket list! Admire stunning panoramic views from the helicopter as we soar above the Cascade Mountains and make our way to our destination.

This volcanic crater is your playground; enjoy and explore it at your leisure. This particular type of volcano is known as a Tuya, recognizable by its distinctive flat top and steep sides that would have formed when lava erupted through a thick glacier or ice sheet. At some point in time, an explosive eruption would have occurred, blowing out the northern flank of the volcano, leaving pyroclastic rock debris everywhere.

Today, we’re able to enjoy this natural beauty that’s only accessible by helicopter, making it a completely unique experience. After you’ve worked up an appetite taking in the sights, return to the helicopter for a gourmet picnic lunch.