Camping & Glacier Kayaking

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Coming soon! We’re still waiting on our crown land use permits. In the meantime, learn more about this amazing upcoming experience below. Looking for a bucket list adventure? Consider one of our flightseeing or kayak fishing experiences. Alternatively, if you’re experienced back country camper with extensive wilderness knowledge, we can help you plan a wilderness drop off to create your own tent camping experience.

Revel in B.C.’s Untouched Wilderness on a Glacier Kayaking Trip

Experience the true beauty of British Columbia’s wilderness on this overnight adventure. After some leisurely paddling on the glacial lake, set up camp, grab a bite, and then begin exploring. There’s so much to see in the little details. Rare, fragile wildflowers dot the seemingly inhospitable landscape. When the sun goes down, the area takes on a whole new level of beauty. The mountain sky is so clear, and the water so still, stars reflect off the lake. Let your eyes adjust to the dark. Connect with Nature like never before. The camping and kayaking season is best enjoyed from mid-July (when the snow is gone) to the end of September, however, we can arrange camping and kayaking trips during June meltwater season as well.