Glacier Lake Kayaking and Camping

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At the 5 Billion Star Hotel

Want to take the bucket list glacier lake kayaking adventure a step further? Spend a night at the 5 Billion Star Hotel on a granite sand beach, camped out in front of a glacier. There’s also a mountain top location nearby if you would prefer to camp there for unobstructed 360 degree views!

Summer is a special time in the mountains. The glacial lakes undergo a very short seasonal transformation yielding jewel like water colours that can change daily. These lakes are covered in ice up to 8 months of the year!

Come see British Columbia from a different perspective and watch the mountains transform at night. Embark on a helicopter flight through the spectacular Coast Mountains while enjoying magnificent views as you fly over endless mountains and valleys, waterfalls cascading over granite cliffs, turquoise rivers winding their way through lush temperate rain forests, and even the occasional herd of mountain goats or elk. Just when you think it can’t get any better, our glacial destination pops into view only minutes before we land. Take a moment to revel in the true beauty of British Columbia’s untouched wilderness as we set down beside a lake miles away from civilization. This is the experience of a lifetime. Choose from kayaking or paddle boarding and enjoy complete peace and serenity in one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets

After some leisurely paddling across the vast glacial lake, set up camp, grab a bite, and then begin exploring. There’s so much to see in the little details. Rare, fragile wildflowers dot the seemingly inhospitable landscape. When the sun goes down, the area takes on a whole new level of beauty. The mountain sky is so clear, and the water so still, stars reflect off the lake. Let your eyes adjust to the dark. Connect with Nature like never before. Check out the photo gallery here.

The tour includes a 1 hour round trip sightseeing flight from our base at the Abbotsford Airport, use of kayaks or paddle boards, 1 night stay at the glacier lake or mountain top, 23 hours on location, trip photos, non alcoholic drinks, snacks, lunch (fresh), dinner (dehydrated) and breakfast (dehydrated), tent and tent pads. You must provide your own sleeping bag and pillow. You must also bring adequate clothing and footwear for alpine climates. Ask us for a packing list.

Note: The camping and kayaking season is best enjoyed from mid July (when the snow is gone) to the end of September, however we can arrange camping and kayaking trips during June melt water season as well.

Got questions? Have a look at our FAQ page or contact us here.

$7000.00+tax for Glacier Kayaking

Pricing is per group, in Canadian Dollars

Per person rate is $1750.00+tax, when based on 4 person occupancy.

If you don’t have a full group, send us a message and we’ll do our best to match you up with another group.

Add round trip from Vancouver Heli-Port for an additional $2000.00+tax

Add Ice Cave visit for an additional $500.00+tax (this cave is much smaller then the caves listed on the ice cave tour page.)

  • Maximum 4 guests
  • Astar B2 Helicopter
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At the time of booking on all trips, the waiver is to be reviewed by each member of your party. If you have questions, please contact us or seek legal counsel. The waiver is not to be signed until you and your party arrive on location. It will be reviewed in person with Compass Heli Staff prior to signing. The medical form must be completed by each member of your party and scanned/emailed to at least 48 hours prior to the trip.


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