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As a new business, Compass Heli Tours does not yet own any aircraft. Instead, Astar helicopters are chartered through preferred and trusted operators. This allows greater support for logistics and scheduled maintenance. Compass Heli Tours provides unique backcountry adventures around British Columbia and offers charter flights and sightseeing adventures, glacier lake kayaking, heli fishing, ice cave experiences, camping trips, weddings and engagements, and so much more.


The Astar Helicopter is the most versatile intermediate class helicopter in the world. The Astar boasts superior performance in hot and high environments. It is well suited for utility work, sightseeing, transporting small groups and their gear to the backcountry, as well as professional aerial cinema and media.

5 passenger seating, air conditioned, 30 cubic feet of internal cargo compartment storage with optional additional 22 cubic feet of external cargo storage, doors-off flight capable for media/photography, Cineflex and Shot Over Mounts, external load capable, useful load 1950lbs, fuel burn rate 175L/hr, 220km/hr cruise speed, endurance 2.5 hours, range 550km.

From glacier kayaking and glacier cave exploration, to heli fishing and camping adventures, we provide visually stimulating and unrivaled outdoor adventure tours around our province. Let us help you to create memories that last a lifetime. Come fly with us today!