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Paradise Lake Camping & Fishing Tour

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Private Group (1-4 guests)

A True Paradise Lake, B.C., Backcountry Camping Experience

Come and experience the ultimate heli camping and fishing adventure in our beautiful backcountry. Embark on a helicopter flight through the spectacular Coast Mountains and enjoy magnificent views as you fly over endless mountains and valleys, waterfalls cascading over granite cliffs, turquoise rivers winding their way through lush temperate rainforests, and even the occasional herd of mountain goats or elk. Just when you think it can’t get any better, our wilderness lake destination pops into view only minutes before we land. Spend your first day fishing for wild trout from the shore or by angler kayak, explore the rainforest and take in the beautiful vistas, or simply relax on the beach in the most peaceful setting you could wish for. Backpacker style meals will be served for dinner before we gather around the campfire for hot beverages and stargazing. Enjoy the silence or engage in profound conversations as you appreciate the true beauty of nature.