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Compass Heli Tours was created in 2016 by Nicolas Drader, an experienced helicopter pilot with a passion for the great outdoors. Compass specializes in private backcountry helicopter adventures in South Western British Columbia. We offer fully customizable, visually stimulating, and unrivaled outdoor wilderness tours from our base in Abbotsford B.C. Glacier lake kayaking, ice caves, fishing, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, picnics, sightseeing, weddings and engagements, waterfall tours; we do it all! Come fly with us today and create memories that last a lifetime.


Here’s a little about me, Nicolas Drader, the owner and operator of Compass Heli Tours. Growing up in a family of outdoorsmen has taught me to appreciate the environment we live in. From my father, I learned about the many ecosystems of British Columbia, as well as wilderness survival, bush craft, and navigation skills. From my mother, I learned compassion, creativity, and people skills. Combine these traits all together and I was moulded into an outdoor enthusiast with a deep understanding of the place we call home.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been flying helicopters commercially in the forestry industry for over 11 years. At one time, I was the Chief Pilot for my father’s company, D.K. Heli-Cropper;  specialists in aerial tree seed collection and wildfire suppression. My father has since retired, along with his company. The purpose of D.K. Heli, was long term sustainability of our forests. Working closely with BC Forest Service, BCTS, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, and private timber companies throughout BC and Alberta, I have collected, by helicopter, over 2 billion tree seeds from 2007 to 2015. In the years to come, I hope to revive his company through mine, and find a way to balance tourism with ecosystem sustainability.

Flying in Western Canada’s remote regions has provided me with a great deal of humbling experience. It has taught me to respect the power of nature but also has made me keenly observant of even the smallest details. It is in these details that make up our magnificent British Columbia wilderness.

Having access to these spectacular locations inspired me to find a way to share the experience with others. Compass Heli Tours was born!

The collaboration between D.K. Heli-Cropper and Compass Heli Tours goes beyond the family relationship. Wilderness adventures are simply not going to be possible without sustainability of our natural resources.


The word “Compass” has navigational and directional meaning. I chose the name Compass Heli Tours because I wanted to be able to offer adventures in infinite directions and locations. With British Columbia’s expansive wilderness, there are quite literally, limitless possibilities. Both the name and the logo strongly imply that adventure enthusiasts can go anywhere!


My focus with Compass Heli Tours, is to share with you, an unrivaled outdoor adventure experience in world renowned Super, Natural British Columbia. You and your friends, family, or coworkers will create memories to last a lifetime on an unforgettable, fully customizable backcountry helicopter adventure. I guarantee it. Come see my back yard. I’m constantly making new discoveries and you can be part of it too. Did I mention I’m a photographer as well? I’ll capture your moments of amazement and wonder and share them with you after the trip.



The core principles for Compass Heli Tours are small private group adventures in a sustainable, isolated wilderness environment that is only accessible by helicopter. In order to keep the isolation real but safe, I only offer one tour per day per location. During peak season, I will make the occasional exception and offer two per day. I am the pilot/guide on all trips, so the helicopter does not leave. To learn more about the adventure services I offer, check out the ADVENTURES page or go to our RESERVATIONS page to book your adventure today! For custom adventures, don’t hesitate to send an inquiry. The possibilities are endless.

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